The Quiet Corner Garden Club (QCGC) was established in 1978 by Mary Larson, a resident of Woodstock CT.

QCGC is a member of Federated Garden Clubs of CT and National Garden Clubs.

QCGC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.



"Great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, impossible to forget"
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Are you interested in having fun? Meeting new folks? Helping improve your community? JOIN US!


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DOWNLOAD A MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION as a PDF file or MS Word file. You can then print it out and mail it in.

(We can also send you an application via the USPS - just email or contact us at: Quiet Corner Garden Club, PO Box 1004, Woodstock, CT 06281 to request the form.)

2021 Membership Dues:  $25 per individual annually; $40 per couple annually (First year’s membership includes a free Membership Binder with important information.)

Membership to the Quiet Corner Garden Club also includes annual membership to Federated Garden Clubs of CT, free access to all our educational programs, members’ first choice on trips and workshops, and social activities, plant swaps, and other benefits.  As a working garden club, we do ask each member to volunteer on at least one standing committee during the year.  Committees may meet one to four times a year, but it also gives members a chance to get to know and work together on their interests.  Members also volunteer in preparing for our annual May Plant & Flower Sale. (Information on the duties of each committee can be read on our New Membership Application.)


Officer Positions are voted into office by the general membership.

Standing Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs are selected by the President. Standing Committee Chairs head their committees with assistance from their vice-chairs. 

The Executive Committee meets once a month and is comprised of the officers and committee chairs.

2021 Officers and Standing Committee Chairs:


Linda Kaplan


Terry Swenson


Cheryl Radzvilowicz


John Davis

Activities Chair
Vice-Chair for Trips
Vice-Chair for Workshops

Nancy Ethier
Pam Cartledge
Bonnie Berthiaume

Civics Projects Chair

Molly Truesdale
Mary Lou Mallouk

Exhibits & Outreach Chair
Vice Chair                                         

Marcia Kettle
Mary Ann Johnson

Fundraising Chair
Vice Chair

Elaine Turner
Ramona Savolis

Historical Chair
Vice Chair

Kathy Courtney
Dawn Bentley-Meehan

Hospitality Chair
Vice Chair

Rande Chmura
Claire Laporte

Membership Chair
Vice Chair

Terry Swenson
Mike Radzvilowicz

Publicity Chair
Vice Chair

Linda Kaplan
Kristine Erickson

Scholarship Chair
Vice Chair

Adrienne Soucy
Lanette Lepper

Plant Sale Chair

Linda Kaplan
Sharon George


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